Extracurricular Activities Painting And Other Creative Issues

Extracurricular activities make the student life in college a bit more interesting than it happens to be. Some students are rather passive and need some encouragement, while others are active and can share their activity with everybody around. A certain sparkle is the peculiar feature of active people. They always find some activities to participate in. They find alternative approaches in the most common cases. Creative people are often active by their nature.

Creative approach

Creativity defines painters, musicians, sculptors, and representatives of other professions as those being full of living energy. It is not surprising that the paintings of the greatest artists in human history make people do crazy things. Some pieces of art are aimed at inspiring observers, while others can make people keep guessing. One of such paintings is Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci. It goes without saying that this piece of creative arts makes people from all over the world come to the museum where it is displayed and see its magic smile that charms, intoxicates, and bewitches every person who sees this young woman.